Build, Dominate, Repeat

Welcome!  I’m extremely excited you’re here!

The name’s George, I’m a 33 year old retiree (that’s right, retired before mid-30’s, and you can too!) that’s reached well beyond anywhere I’ve ever imagined, and it’s all thanks to the internet.

Sure, there’s plenty of debate on whether the internet has ultimately helped or hurt our current world, and there are certainly merits to each argument.

But one thing that cannot be disputed is the ability the “small man” has to publish his or her ideas and truly be heard by their audience.

Before the internet, it would take a great deal of time and resources to get any sort of message spread through mass media–whether that be an ad ran on television, in the newspaper or on the radio, billboards etc. you name it!

In contrast, today, all you need is your webcam and a little “can-do” attitude, and you can have your idea published in under an hour!

Because of this ability, the world of sales has absolutely EXPLODED online.

Remember the old infomercials?  Yea, you may still see one here and there during day-time or late night television, but for the most part, they’re dwindling, right?

Well that’s because the exact same result (often better results) can be obtained via the internet for MUCH less in time and resources spent.

It is because of these facts that I have been able to make a more than modest income online, and have been able to kill my nine to five once and for all–and I’ve got to say, it feels tremendous!

Yet, with all the money and free time in the world, it means nothing if you can’t share it, ya know?

So here I am, providing the blue-print for all my friends, family, and especially YOU, my readers!

I want to show you how people are making money online, and NO, I DO NOT want to show you about some get rich quick, flash in the pan, push-button millionaire strategy.  No, what I’m offering is a plan to build a legitimate business online.

Whoa! I know what you’re thinking–“Me?? Start a business??” But fear not! Even though we’re programmed to think of “businesses” as big high rise buildings with thousands of employees, the truth is, a business is really just a piece of paper that’s filed away somewhere in your local government building.

You CAN build your own business and it is my believe that you SHOULD do it as well!

Check out my blog, where I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how you can start building your internet empire today!

In my first post, I talk about the different markets you can get into, if they’re able to me monetized, and how to find a particular product to promote in said market.  Markets could range from “info products” that are completely digital, all the way to selling info, cars, architectural millwork , digital products such as e-books, music, or really anything you can find on, as they have an affiliate program as well–psh, I even know a guy that has a site where you can buy rap beats online form him, so the possibilities are basically endless.  This pre-research into your endeavors is actually one of the most important, as it is much easier (and much more profitable) to simply find a hot market with excited buyers than it is to create that desire and market yourself.

After your select the market, the second step is to figure out how exactly you’ll be approaching the market. This is a crucial step that makes the difference between a conversion rate of two percent and twenty percent.  And if that doesn’t resonate for you, think about making ten times more revenue from the same amount of work–I bet that will get a little excitement flowing!

Finally, you start implementing actual strategies to put your marketing to the test!  One of the beautiful things about selling affiliate products is that you don’t have to focus on anything except the marketing, which really tightens your focus and sharpens your skills.

I’m excited to share all I know in this area, and welcome your feedback as well.

Now lets get to work!